2.5″ 80GB Portable External Hard Drive USB3.0 with Military-grade Shockproof, Anti-Pressure, Waterproof and Slim Enclosure for PC, Mac, Wii U, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim (Black)


Sturdy and Durable Military-grade shockproof, anti-pressure, waterproof, pocket-size slim and portable. A variety of capacity and fashion colors can meet your personalized lifestyle. Plug and Play Without software to install, just plug it in and go, the portable hard drive is ready to use...

User reviews

I recently purchased the 250GB portable external hard drive and I am very happy with the purchase. Granted, you are looking at an external drive. It is very simple. It does not come with any installation software or sophisticated instructions. This is what makes this portable drive one of the best.I also like the quality of it. It is small. It is made of a sturdy, and durable enclosure. I like that because I use it on my laptop and I would not want to drop it by accident. If so, then, it seems like it can handle it. It works with USB 3.0 and 2.0.In summary, it is of 250GB. It is a high speed which helps a lot backing up files from my laptop. I like the portability. I can fit it in my back pocket if needed.So far, it is a good buy for me.
I would give this hard drive 5 stars except that I have only had it a couple of days and it didn't seem to work with USB 2.0...older computer... also; there is only one way to register for the one year warranty and that involves sending in a form that comes with the drive. The form also needs to have an official dealer stamp along with a copy of the receipt...the form mentions emailing a certain address for other registration options...I did and so far; no response...
I ordered this for our XBox 1 because we were constantly having to delete and reload when someone got a new game. I have moved all the less played games to the external and we have so much better fluidity. No more waiting hours for redownloading!
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