Buffalo TeraStation 1400D Desktop 12 TB NAS Hard Drives Included


Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Small Office/Home office economical storage solution; Hard drives included – Ensuring compatibility & reliability; Business-level software bundled for office PC backup; Easy-to-use: Multiple user access available from anywhere with internet...


  • Hard Drive: 12 TB 4x3TB
  • Number of USB 3.0 Ports: 2

User reviews

First off... this NAS works as advertised. So far I've had no problems. I have the 4-bay 8T configuration, and generally cat6 cables and Gig ethernet ports will max out at a transfer rate of about 50 MB/s. Not bad for an entry level product.The big giant enormous problem with this machine is that it came with WD GREEN drives. These are desktop drives, for those who don't know. In fact, they are specifically not rated or tested for continuous uptime. Only the Red and Purple series of WD drives are actually meant to be used in a NAS. To be fair, nowhere in the product description does it say what type of drives are used, so shame on me for clicking before researching.I am going to be four 4T WD Red disks and rebuild my array, and that way I will have the security and reliability that a NAS is supposed to offer.
Picked this up to add some storage to my network. Had no problems getting it on the network and running, it is as simple as plugging in the power, plug it in to your switch or router, and run the Navigator software just to find the IP address. Hit the web interface of the NAS, and you are off and running.This is a very simple NAS, no advanced features like on some of the more expensive models. You can't install software like Plex directly on the NAS, but it still works great for file storage and backups. I will be upgrading the RAM as soon as I have some spare time to crack the case and figure out what kind it takes, not really needed but I am a glutton for punishment.
This was all I needed and more. I needed a network attached storage device to replace my old D-Link box. I like to use RAID1 to mirror my network backup information. This fills that bill, gave me extra storage space I needed, and so far, is more reliable than my old box (fingers crossed). It also came with NovaStor software that allows me to run regular full and incremental backups to the new device. This all I expected and more.
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