Crucial MX300 525GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive – CT525MX300SSD1


Increase the speed, durability, and efficiency of your system for years to come with the Crucial MX300 SSD. Boot up in seconds and fly through the most demanding applications with an SSD that fuses the latest 3D NAND Flash technology with the proven success of previous mx-series SSDs. Your...


  • Hard Drive: 525 GB SATA

User reviews

Samsung gets all the press nowadays because their SSD's are the highest performing... but I am in IT and I buy these because they are a good value, and reliable. The Crucial/Micron brand SSD's have been made in the same factory, and they both offer rudimentary power protection. This doesn't protect writes that were being made when you lost power, but it does offer some protection on the rest of the data. Other brands without power protection can suffer major file system damage if power fails during use. I put these in OEM laptops (and MX200's before this one), where people run out of batteries, and I've yet to have a serious failures.
Purchased to replace the hard drive in my early 2011 MacBook Pro. Quick easy installation, more so, as it was going to be a fresh install of Sierra OS. It now takes 20 seconds for the system to boot and arrive at the login screen. Programs run very quickly and no problems thus far. System is running much cooler as well. Early 2011 MacBook Pro with 16GB ram
Bought the 525GB SSD to upgrade the 120GB ssd that came in my Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e. Having never cloned a drive before I tried to plug the Crucial (destination) drive into my USB -> SATA adapter but running True Image resulted in errors and not cloning. After reading some guides I found that the destination drive must be installed in the computer, but with only one SATA port and no dvd drive I wasn't sure how to proceed, and none of the instructions take this situation into account. Fortunately I was able to troubleshoot the problem and came up with a solution that worked to clone my SSD. Step by step instructions:1. With original drive still installed run Acronis True Image 2015 and create an Acronis USB Bootable Rescue Media.2. Open laptop, discharge static, then remove existing sdd or hdd from device.3. Discharge static then install new SSD.4. Start computer and boot from Acronis USB.5. Plug original drive into USB->SATA adapter and run the Acronis Drive Cloning Tool. The tool works on automatic, but made a 350gb recovery partition taking up the majority of the disc.6. Once cloning is finished, load Windows and install Crucial Storage Executive and enable Momentum Cache on new ssd.7. Go to Windows 10 Disk Management, right click the useless recovery partition, and either delete or shrink it. I deleted it since I'll be keeping my original ssd as a backup, and can use that for recovery.8. In Disk Management right click the Windows partition, C:, and expand your windows partition to maximum size.That's it! Don't know why this isn't detailed by Crucial as I had to piece together the steps from different sources, but if you follow these instructions you should have a working upgraded drive!
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