Difini USB Flash Drive, Memory Stick 32GB with Lightning Connector for iPhone iPad iPod iOS PC Apple Android, External Storage Expansion Thumb Drive Adapter(gray)


Dear Amazon Customer: Thank you for shopping our DIFINI products, the following will be description of the feature and introduction, any questions can always communicate with us we will respond as soon as possible. Difini Flash Drive is a creative USB Flash Drive which has double connectors, can...

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This USB Memory Drive is Very Nice. It's very helpful if you want to move the Files from iPhone to other Device Vice Versa. You can use this as the Another storage for the Device. The USB Drive is nearly 32GB. Here are the some of the Cool Features of the Device before i Buy.1) More Space ( 32GB of Extra Space2) Fast Transfer Speed.3) Free User-Friendly App.4) Access Security ( You can setup a Password Protected for the Files)5) Slim & Sleek Design6) Multi-Functioning, Mini-sized, large storage capacity,This Device you can connect to Any Device ( iPhone, Android Phone, Laptops).It's very easy to install and configure it. I really like this USB Flash Drive. It was able to support all type of File Extensions almost. One great thing about this device is that it is a plug & play device, without installing any software.
 Bought this 32GB USB Flash Drive for iPhone 32GB by Difini is amazing. I have an iPhone 6 plus with only 64GB which seem OK but I often run out of memory keeping all the pictures and video in them. I was so excited to buy this flash drive so I can keep my pictures and videos instead of always trying to figure out what I can delete.The flash drive is very easy to use. Once you insert the flash drive into your phone it will prompt you through it. I was able to transfer all of my videos and pictures onto the flash drive without any problems. When I am on the run I don't often bring the laptop with me so I would transfer to this USB drive to save room for more pictures and videos. After transferring to the flash drive I was able to insert the flash drive into my laptop at night and transfer everything within minutes. This is a great way to expand your phone memory.
I like the flexibility of a this small flash drive. I really like this drive can connects to my laptop , android phone & apple devises.One great thing with this device is that it is a plug & play device , without installing any software we can connect it to our various devises.It is so simple , just plug in and transfer your photos, any other files. because of this simple smart feature now I can backup my all mobile photo & video it to the flash drive & keep more free space in mobile. Also now I can take the flash drive and have photos printed easily.This flash drive have great read & right speed within a second data transfer between 2 devises. Drive have both side connection options , from one side we can connect to any USB device like laptop & same side have options to connect to any android smart phone. Other side have options to connect apple device. this is the great feature of this flash drive.
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