Difini USB Flash Drives 32GB Memory Stick with Lightning Connector for iPhone iPad iPod iOS PC Apple Android, External Storage Expansion Thumb Drive Adapter


Dear Amazon Customer: Thank you for shopping our DIFINI products, the following will be description of the feature and introduction, any questions can always communicate with us we will respond as soon as possible. Difini Flash Drive is a creative USB Flash Drive which has double connectors, can...

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This is what I need to easily transfer a lot of photos in my phone. The manual is easy to follow because of the clear instructions in English with some photos & diagrams included. Once the needed app is installed, everything will be simple to understand. It's a tiny, slim, & small flash drive but good enough to hold 32GB.When writing a name for a folder on where to transfer the files or photos, make sure that you don't include any character, not even a space because it will not be accepted, will be prompted as error. The "edit" command functions most of the time, so if you'll be a bit confused, just tap edit and everything will work fine.This flash drive is very useful for me. This will definitely saves my phone's memory storage. The copying is nice & fast. My only concern on this product is the lack of cover to protect both tips. Although the sliding mechanism in between would cover one end, the other is always left open and exposed. If they could provide a case perhaps, it would be a good protection option.
What a great usb flash drive that works with iPhone and android. I just love it.... All i have to do is download the app and use it. What it does is it will directly storage pictures,videos, audios into your phone as a external hard drive. not only the extra storage but it make my job easier for transmission. Love the design of it. only thing that i don't like it is it spins. if it has a lock design for the rotation part i think that will be a big plus.
I was first attracted to this beautiful, sleek design of USB drive for its appearance. Upon receipt, the installation was easy. First download the app, storage space, and went from there. It provides easy access to store and transfer your data on the go and when my devise is out of storage space. I'm looking to buy another one for my kid for his school work.

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