DiGiYes 12.7mm / 0.5in Universal Second SATA HDD Hard Drive Caddy Module Adapter for Lenovo Thinkpad T520 W520


Feature: - This is a 12.7mm-thick caddy module. - This 2nd hard disk drive adapter that gives you maximum storage. - 12.7mm-thick combo/superdrive with SATA interface. - Fast & reliable connection, just as the primary HDD. - Fully integrated into laptop, no cables/PSU/software driver needed. -...

User reviews

I have a few issues with this. With some hard drives, the holes do not line up and so the retention screw doesn't go all the way in... of course this is a problem because the adapter will not slide in with the screw half out. The instructions (and the sticker on the adapter) speak of a retaining clip but no clip was included....This adapter when inserted is flush with the laptop it is being used on (hp 2000 -2b29wm) . It would have been handy to have some sort of handle to pull it out with. I've had to resort to prying it out with a screwdriver.This is a very cheaply made product and a little foresight could have gone into it and still made money.However, that said, it does work as one would expect.
Might work, might not work, never got inside my t520. The measurements specified are correct, but it did not fit in.
I bought this thinking it would be a nice and easy process, and cheaper than Lenovo's version. I was wrong.The caddy came quickly, but did not fit, as there was extra plastic that ran into part of my laptop, so I was forced to cut the extra plastic off to make it fit. It worked well after this for awhile, despite looking terrible now, until it started sliding out of the slot! In the middle of working, it would slide out of the slot and halt the operating system, forcing me to reboot before I could begin working again. There are also screws on the side of the drive that make fitting it into the caddy slot a difficult procedure of working it up and down until it fits comfortably, but these screws didn't help keep the caddy in at all, so I have no clue what they are for.All in all terrible purchase.Maybe this was a defective product? It looked like it was meant to be this way though, so I can't imagine it's too far off if at all.

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