Encrypted USB Flash Drive, INNOPLUS Digital 32GB Military Grade Secure Key FIPS Validated AES-XTS 256-Bit SMS4 Encryption USB Drive with Keypad (2017 Advanced Version)


INNOPLUS ENCRYPTED FLASH DRIVE As easy as Flash drives make it to carry data,they make it as easy to pick up and spread virus,malware/ransomware from one machine to another while introducing malicious code onto corporate networks. Our u disk is designed to be secure.Its commitment to using the...

User reviews

 This is secure U drive.First of all, it is solid built, heavy metal shell, durable and reliable. Once it was encrypted and password protected, there is no way to loss our valuable information like source code, customer information, passcode etc during traveling or transportation.Secondly, the approaching of design was great. You could loss it by accident, you might forgot your password, you might loss the copy of information stored inside this U drive, BUT, nobody can use it including yourself. Earshot file was hardly coded all zero in each slot.Last, I like the water approve feature of the product, my coffee cup won't make mistake any more.Don't hesitate to give this product five stars.Update: I forgot the U drive at office last night on the desk, usually I need to drive back for it since I am handling company's confidential information. No worry about that any more.
Good quality. Solid made flash drive. As a keypad encrypted flash drive, I think this product could do a decent job for protecting my data. The product is easy to setup and use. It provides appropriate protection and encryption. Incorrect password only allow up to 10 times, information will be erased once allowance has been reached. I think data could be safe by storing in this flash drive, even it was stolen or lost. Highly recommend for protecting your data.
As a business person, having a Secure Encrypted Flash Drive is very necessary and useful. I have had one for 2 years, and now it still works well. Mine helps me make the information more safe, and nobody can spy on them. Thank it for making me relieved, and I trust it!
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