G-Technology G-DRIVE ev ATC with Thunderbolt Portable Hard Drive 1TB (0G03586)


The G-Technology 1TB G-DRIVE ev ATC with Thunderbolt is as rugged as you want it to be. This all-terrain drive solution with tethered Thunderbolt cable shields a high quality, lightweight, removable G-DRIVE ev RaW USB external hard drive. Featuring a watertight drive compartment, your data is...


  • Hard Drive: 1 TB

User reviews

I bought this product for my new Macbook Pro so that I can have an external HD with Thunderbolt. I like the protection it offers although fortunately I haven't had to see if it actually works as advertised.There are 2 issues I have so far:1- The thunderbolt cable is too short. It would be nice to have it wrap around the box a little further by maybe 3 inches.2- If I move the unit around much at all the thunderbolt connection continues to disconnect which is very annoying since I'm editing my photos off of this drive.
I'm a G-Tech fan! Their drives are fast (at least the ones I buy), are built like tanks, and I've never had one fail (I've lost count but I know I have at least 40 of them that I use for work). This drive is a bit different in that it is actually a drive INSIDE a protective case. The drive itself slides into the case to make a connection. The drive itself also has a USB3 connection built into it, so you can use it with or without the protective case. The CASE is prewired with a permanently connected Thunderbolt cable that clips around the parameter of the case. This is really the only part of the design that worries me; what happens if the cable fails over time from use? I guess I'll just buy a new case if that happens. BTW, additional compatible G-Tech drives are easily purchased and can be swapped out from the protective case or simply used as stand alone drives (the drive itself has a USB3 connection; whereas the case offers a Thunderbolt cable - so you get the connectivity of both). I have not run speed tests on this drive but at 7200rpm I have to believe it should perform equally well as my other G-Tech drives. There are certainly cheaper drives on the market but, frankly, I won't trust my work and my data to a "bargain" drive. The advantage of this design over other manufacturers shock-protected drives is that you don't HAVE to use the somewhat bulky protective case all the time - just unlatch and slide the drive out and use it as a typical stand alone drive.
I got this product used off amazon for a class and to use for work with audio and video files. Thunderbolt makes a big difference in recording audio in time. I choose the drive because of the durability and transport. When I had to carry my regular drive it was so heavy, so this is more light and more disk space. I had really great service from the seller and am happy with the drive so far. I've yet to use it but plan on using it for class and my audio and video files editing etc.

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