G-Technology G-DRIVE GDRETHU3NB100001BDB 10 TB External Hard Drive


Storage Capacity of up to 10GB High Speed Thunderbolt & USB 3.0 Ports Transfer Rates Up to 245MB/s Integrated Heat-Sink for Near Silent Operation & Cooling Apple Time Machine Compatible High-Performance 7200RRPM Sata III Drives With up to 64Mb Cache


  • Hard Drive: 10 TB

User reviews

Great drive. Reasonable cost, high capacity and flexibility, good reviews from the tech magazines. The faint hum when it is running is certainly tolerable. My only mild complaint is the white light on the front (under the G) that indicates the device is on, and it gets brighter when it is running. It is a little too bright for my generally low light working environment. I put a square of deep blue glass in front of it. My favorite color. Perfect.
I researched these for several months and hope and pray this will last! Out of the box it is plug and play with my iMac, quiet, and fast. I have a LOT of photos and video that I want to be able to access quickly so spent the extra money for the thunderbolt access. My initial back up still took most of a day, but I had quite a bit to transfer. So far I am extremely pleased! It is an investment but one I hope will last.
It's the coolest. I'm using this to store samples and audio files from Logic Pro X. Actually have it daisy chained to my Appollo interface via Thunderbolt. Since my MacPro only has one Thunderbolt connection, I daisy chained, two Apollo modules + this G-Drive. Works like a charm.

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