G-Technology G-DRIVE USB-C External Drive 4TB 0G05666



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I've only been using it about a month but so far it's flawless
So far the product has been great but it has very slow drive performance. I have run multiple speed tests making sure I have the proper USBc USB 3.1 to USB 3 Cable and so far it is slower than my 5tb Segate USB3.0. Their website states up to 195mbs I am not getting anywhere near that.G Tech USB-C - Read 85.7Mbs, Write 90Mbs.G Tech Thunderbolt 2 - Read 149MBs, Write 151Mbs.Segate 5tb USB 3.0 - Read 121Mbs, Write 122Mbs.Samsung T3 (Yes it is flash but just to compare) - Read 377Mbs, Write 417Mbs.
Pretty fast. Black magic speed test showing 175mb read and write. Perfect solution for my large Adobe Lightroom collection. Blends in perfectly with my 27-inch iMac setup.

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