G-Technology G-Drive with Thunderbolt External Hard Drive (10TB)


Storage Capacity of up to 10GB High Speed Thunderbolt & USB 3.0 Ports Transfer Rates Up to 245MB/s Integrated Heat-Sink for Near Silent Operation & Cooling Apple Time Machine Compatible High-Performance 7200RRPM Sata III Drives With up to 64Mb Cache


  • Hard Drive: 10 TB

User reviews

We love using G-Tech g-drives - we have 24 others around our offices. We are holding out final rating on this Thunderbolt drive. It died on us - won't turn on - after about a week of use. We have had better luck with G-Tech drives in years past. We are returning it and ordering another to see if it is a fluke. We have had a couple of failed G-tech drives, after years of use though.
i have 2 other 4 tb G-drives for 3 1/2 years and they work well. they are better then the lacie drives i used to have.but all drives fail and 5 years is the max one can expect. i read some of the negative reviews on this item and all i cansay is.....i will have to see. i got it because it had thunderbolt and the housing was 1/2 the height of my 4 tb drives and thusi can store a backup off site in a safe deposit box. so it's not going to get the use my home drives do. some complain aboutthe noise, i don't see any difference. for me thunderbolt is a necessity. having usb 3.0 is nice. my 4 tb drives are only thunderbolt. if they made one in a 6-8 tb and same small housing with thunderbolt 2 at a reasonable price i would have gotten it to future proof myself a bit. eventually we will see more hardware with usb3 and thunderbolt 2. but for me physical dimensions were important. i wonderwhen we will see 6-8 tb ssd drives that are not hugely expensive and if they hold up better then standard drives. i have a hybredpart standard part ssd in my imac and after 2 years they had a factory recall and swapped out the drive so there are issueswith ssd drives also.
Great drive. Reasonable cost, high capacity and flexibility, good reviews from the tech magazines. The faint hum when it is running is certainly tolerable. My only mild complaint is the white light on the front (under the G) that indicates the device is on, and it gets brighter when it is running. It is a little too bright for my generally low light working environment. I put a square of deep blue glass in front of it. My favorite color. Perfect.

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