G-Technology G-RAID with Thunderbolt Dual Drive Storage System 12TB (Thunderbolt-2, USB 3.0) (0G04093)


When transfer speed, redundant security, and reliable performance are key, G-Technology G-RAID with Thunderbolt storage systems are perfect for the job. These dual-hard-drive systems use removable enterprise-class HGST 7,200rpm SATA III hard disks capable of handling professional workloads with...

User reviews

I purchased a total of 4 12-TB G-Drives to store all of the video of a film I shot in the fall of 2016 (One for the master and 3 backups.) Use of the discs began in mid-September 2016. It is now mid-October 2017 and this week 2 of the 4 drives quit operating. 50% failure rate on such expensive products?? Unacceptable. And interesting that it happened just after the warranty expired.
I purchased this drive and it was easy to setup. There is nothing to setup. The drive is already set to RAID 0 and that's what I wanted. For those of you want RAID 1 or JBOD all you have to do is to connect the drive to your computer using either THUNDERBOLT or USB 3.0 and go to their website and download the Configurator under DOWNLOAD section for this model. Once launched it gives you three options. RAID 0, RAID 1 and JOBD. That's all and I have no idea why some people write bad reviews regarding not being able to find this or that. I even called support line and after less than 5 minutes I talked to a nice customer service whom provided more information. That simple. No noise or any other thing people reported. The problem is some people because of their lack of knowledge always look for a escape goat and blaming the manufacturer. I have purchased many drives from G-Technology and none failed. I purchased many from bufallo and all failed after 6 to 1 year. I ran a speed test on this drive in RAID 0 Mode and got 425 Mbps read and 415 Mbps Write. This model has a built in Raid chip and doesn't require any software raid.
I'm new to the world or RAID setups but I'm really not sure if they need to be this loud. Does the drive work? absolutely. Is it fast? hell yes. But I feel like I'm in NASAs server room or something. I've seen a lot of comments regarding the fans noise but thats hardly noticeable. The real noise comes from the drives when reading and writing. The clicking away of the drive is quite distracting especially considering its on the desk right next to you.I'm sticking to the drive because of the quality and benefits that come from using a RAID but I've never had a drive this loud so I'm not sure if its normal.

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