Glyph Atom Black, 1TB SSD, USB-C (3.1, Gen 2), USB 3.0, Compatible with Thunderbolt 3


Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Portable Bus-Powered Solid State Drive; Fast data transfer speeds Up to 480 MB/s; Rugged Shock Resistant non slip cover; Formatted for Mac. Simple reformat for Windows use; Available in Silver, Gold, Black and Grey colors

User reviews

Fast! Am using this on the USB C (thunderbolt 3) port of my 2017 i7 iMac, and it is exactly twice as fast as my 3 San Disk 900's...which only work correctly on USC 3 on the same machine. On this machine with the Atom on USB C I transferred 141 GB in 4.5 minutes, and many, many of these files were small picture files optimized for web downloads (average 150 kb). The San Disk 900 (2 TB) took nearly 11 minutes to transfer the same files onto the same machine, same drive ( a 2 TB ssd). Exactly twice as fast on my machine, identical conditions, same machine, same hard drive. One gotcha (as with all USB C cables): the cable is very doesn't even make it to the desktop when plugged into my iMac port...but the device is so light, it doesn't seem to matter. Works just fine. By the way, I am not denigrating SanDisk, as I have 3 of their 900 disks...and I love them; they just don't work on the USB C port of my iMac. I think I got like 50 Mb per second with this configuration. Not working right. Works great on USB 3, though.
This drive is true Thunderbolt 3 SSD speed! This is the perfect drive for the new Mac!!
This drive is amazing and it's awesome looking and doesn't take hardly any space

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