iPhone iPad 64GB USB Flash Drive 3.0 with Charging Support, RAVPower Pen Thumb Jump Drive with Extended MFi Lightning Connector for iOS Mac Windows PC, External Storage Memory Expansion Stick


RP-IM013 is an 64GB iphone iPad flash drive USB 3.0 with lightning connector for PC. RAVPower iOS memory stick is MFi certified. It comes with 18 months of warranty.

User reviews

I wanted to start with familiar territory and plugged the flash drive into my laptop via USB. The user guide / instruction manual is pre-loaded at the top directory.I reviewed the user guide and it is very straightforward and helpful.I created a new folder on the flash drive and loaded a sampling of files that I wanted to try out on my iphone:An MS word document, an MS excel spreadsheet, an adobe PDF, a text file, several songs in several formats, and several pictures and videos in several formats..wma, .mp3, .png, .jpg, .wmv, .movI removed from laptop and plugged into my ipad via lightning connector. The first time you plug in - a message asks to download the iPlugmate app from the app store.Once downloaded, I ran the app.There are 6 icons: photos, videos, music, backup, file/folder, cameraAt the bottom is the iPlugmate (external storage) and the iphone (internal storage)I selected the iPlugmate. It brings up the folders and files on the flash drive. Select the file option icon at topleft corner - can set file viewing to be a list or by icon.click on a file to open.*** music filesthe .mp3 sounded great. .wma does not work native on ios as expected, but an app called "oplayer lite" will work.To transfer you can tap "multiselect" and it will have options at the bottom:copy to, delete, share, moreThe share option has the "copy to oplayer lite" - I played the .wma !!!*** nextphotos - both .png and .jpg workvideos - both .mov and .wmv work. Both looked and sounded amazing.*** nextMS word - display is very clearMS excel - allowed display of multiple tabs !!!adobe PDF - display is very cleartext file - display is very clear*** the camera iconIf you have filled your ipad or iphone storage, but still want to take pictures or video - here is the way !!!click on the camera icon and it will ask to allow the iPlugmate access.Then you take pictures or video and they get saved to the thumb drive, awesome !!!*** the backup iconI selected the iphone. I kicked this off and it started running - showing progress by percent.When it was done - it said complete, total of 220 files ...I selected contacts. It went fast.*** now looking at the iPlugmate filesThere is a new folder called backup.It has the contacts and the iphone folders*** the file/folder iconAt the bottom select iphoneFor me it brought up camera roll and othersUnder camera roll it has instagram, gopro album, my photo stream and the camera rollI selected my photo streamMy photos get copied here and if I forget it fills up my phone storage.Now I can do a select, then select allThen "copy to" at the bottomIt takes you to external storage, the flash drive.You can use an existing or new folder.--- then you hit paste--- I copied over 100 photos - possibly 400mb--- it was done in 15 seconds or so !!!What a fast, easy way to get items from your phone.*** the settings iconAt the main screen, top right corner - tap on the gear icon for settingscache, language, privacy setting, 3rd party player settings*** last but not leastWhile you have the lightning connector plugged into your iphone to copy files or whatever, you can connect the usb to an external battery and charge at the same time !!!Customer support is a phone call or email away if the user guide is not enough. This is another quality product from Ravpower.I hope this provides some helpful information and would appreciate the click on Yes !!!
This flash drive appears to have very good build quality: metal housing and reinforced cable to prevent tears at the ends(?). It has a magnet to keep the Lightning end attached to the drive and it'll attach to metal surfaces (e.g., metal book shelf and fridge doors).When attached to my iPhone 6 Plus, it charges my phone and I can transfer files to and from the two devices. When my iPhone is detached from the drive, Windows 10 recognizes it as an external storage. However, it doesn't work with iTunes. You would have to use your charge/sync Lightning cable instead if you want to sync with iTunes.In terms of speed, this thing is as fast as advertised. Writing a 978Mb file to the drive, I get between 26mbs-27mbs. Reading the file from the drive, I was getting 81-82mbs (transferring from the USB drive to my Desktop).You will need to download the iPlugMate App in order to manage the backup/sync process.
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