iPhone iPad Flash Drive 64GB USB 3.0 Memory Stick with Extended Lightning Connector for iPod iOS Windows Mac, HooToo External Storage Expansion


HT-IM003 (64GB) is new version of HooToo iphone iPad iOS flash drive USB 3.0 memory stick with extended lightning connector for Windows Macbook Computer. 1) Faster: The USB end plugs into any computer USB ports and offers USB 3.0 data transfer speeds. It reads up to 80 MB/s and writes up to 40...


  • Brand Name: HooToo
  • Series: HT-IM003
  • Item model number: HT-IM003
  • Hardware Platform: PC, Mac, Chrome, iOS
  • Operating System: mac os x
  • Item Weight: 0.32 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 0.5 x 0.8 inches
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 2 x 0.5 x 0.8 inches
  • Color: Champagne

User reviews

This is a fantastic flash drive for backing up Lightning-based devices and it appears to have been designed to fit most phone cases. This will back up your media files, but it will not back up your Apps or data created by Apps (e.g., voice recordings from Recordium). As noted by Awkward Hamster, this is because they're locked by Apple).Upon plugging the flash drive into my iPhone, the flash drive asks me to allow it to access the HooToo iPlugMate App, which is available for download from the App store. Once backup is complete, you can use the App to view thumbnails of your files. I had many files (13gb worth of files) and it took too long for the App to generate thumbnails, so I didn't bother using it to check my backups. Instead, I plugged the flash drive into my USB 3.0 port of my computer and randomly view some files on the flash drive.Looks:* Aluminum shell* Compact and stylish body. The ring keeps the cap attached to the drive and can be used to attach to a key ring; I don't recommend key rings that you pull out to release your keys.Transfer speed:* From iPhone to flash drive, 13Gb transfer took about 30 minutes to complete* From flash drive to USB 3.0 on my computer took approximately 3 minutes, averaging around 83mb/sApp:* Great for backing up pictures, videos, music files and contacts.* Doesn't encrypt your files. If it did, HooToo would need to develop a Windows/Mac program to transfer your files.Overall, I highly recommend this drive over the previous Hootoo Lightning drives. 5 stars!7/19/2016 Update: I got a new iPhone and I just wanted to restore my contacts without doing a full restore using iTunes. I thought for a moment whether or not I should install an App that backs up and restores contacts and that's when I remembered that the iPlugmate App does that. I plugged the HT-IM003 into my old iPhone, used the iPlugmate App to backup my contacts, I downloaded the App on my new iPhone, plug in the HT-IM003, wait for the App to automatically launch, click on backup, click on Backup Contacts, click on Restore Backup and voila! All of my contacts are now on the new phone.About "paid" reviews: Products are given out for free or at a discount for reviews in order to promote a product. Look for reviews that have details such as both pros and cons.
This worked perfectly until it did not. Not sure what happened, but after several successful uses of this device to offload photos/videos to make room on my iPhone, the following happened: (1) I successfully transferred 800+ photos/videos from iPhone to HooToo, confirming that the files were accessible on the HooToo before deleting them from the iPhone; (2) just 2 days later, I went to transfer more photos/videos from my iPhone to the HooToo, but the HooToo device was no longer recognized by the iPhone. (3) I had my husband download the HooToo app to his iPhone and try to access the files on the HooToo, but his iPhone could not recognize the HooToo device. (4) I tried to access files on the HooToo via USB on my brother's laptop, but his laptop could not recognize the HooToo device. (5) After returning home from vacation, I tried to access files on my home computer (the one used successfully to access files several times), but my home computer no longer could recognize the HooToo device. Not sure what happened. Perhaps the HooToo device is heat sensitive so while it was left in the car, with temperatures exceeding 100F, it became corrupted. The issue is that the HooToo device failed on its purpose ... the reason I purchased it ... to make room on my iPhone while away from home (on vacation) to take more pictures/videos. Very disappointed.
This is an excellent idea, I was able to add 64GB of storage to my 16GB iPad Air2, much cheaper than replacing my iPad or starting out with a larger capacity and more flexible way to store videos and pictures.
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