iPhone iPad Flash Drive USB 3.0 64GB with Charging Support, RAVPower Jump Thumb Pen Drive Memory Stick Expansion External Storage for iOS, Instant Backup, U-shaped Rubber Clip [Upgraded]


How about being able to transfer and charge your device at the same time?

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This is a little different kind of design when you talk about flash drives, it is a little longer with the little tail and when you compare it to a standard sd card or flash drive it is long, but it has some great functions to it. The box that it comes in is actually worth mentioning, it isn't a blister pack, or just a ziplock bag, it is a small box with a foam insert, it also has a cool little fabric tab that makes it easy to open the box, it is the little design enhancements that make this pretty cool. The USB drive itself is really nice.USB 3.0 flash drives are still not as easy to find as USB 2, so this is a treat with the speed of the USB 3.0 on one side and lightening on the other, and you can plug it in to charge while using the flash drive, but the length is short, it would be really awkward to use this while charging it, you would need an extender cable.The lightening connector for "I" devices was super easy to use, when I plugged this into the IPad, it asked to install the "iPlugmate" app from the App Store, once that is installed, you open the app and you have a nice view of storage. The app also makes it really easy for you to copy/transfer files back and forth between your phone or iPad and flash drive. Then it makes it so much faster to be able to transfer those photos, or movies to your computer as a backup if you aren't backing up to the cloud. I know many people live off the cloud, but there are some who still have pictures on their external hard drive or pc and giving you the ability to move things back and forth is so much faster.I copied a couple of different movies to the iPlugmate drive, a .mkv, .avi, and .mp4 to see if they could be played directly on the IPad without any additional software, and all the files played great, no lag or anything, they didn't take anytime to buffer, they just played using the embedded player. They were different formats and different file sizes. So, you can quickly copy a file to the thumb drive over USB 3 from your desktop or laptop and then you can quickly play it on your iPad. The iPlugmate interface is really good looking, you have photos, videos (just videos from your camera, not movies you have downloaded from itunes), music, backup, file/folder, and system.I think most people are aware that the iPad usually won't play avi or mkv files, and this will, the player is great. If you click on the Internal storage section within the app, you have access to the camera pictures and videos and you are able to backup the contacts, so it doesn't have access to all your iPad files, just pictures, home movies and backups. You do have access to everything you put on the iPad using the iPlugmate app section. I love how this is so easy to use and gives you access to things you usually wouldn't have access to. I love my movies and giving my iPad the ability to play movies other than .mp4 or .m4v is awesome.Pros:Able to play files directly from drivePlay files other than .mp4 files in the iPlugmate appSpeedDesignCons:None
I have a couple USB/Lightning flash drives that I use to store movies on for trips or totransfer my iPhone pictures to them when on the road, but none of the ones I had beforethis one offered the ability to charge at the same time. Although I don't immediatelyconsider this a super feature, when I think that I could be watching a movie on a plane andbe charging my iPhone/iPad at the same time it becomes an amazing feature! Playingmovies on an iPhone/iPad really drains the battery so this is a great feature!The 64gb allows for a decent amount of videos/photos to be stored on this device at ease.The transfer speeds aren't exactly up to par though. I did a speedtest and it wasn't what Iwas expecting with USB 3.0. It isn't a super huge deal though. It seems to transfer fairlyfast from my iPhone to the USB drive though. I really enjoy this product! It's build quality isalso excellent! I don't expect to have any issues with the device breaking or the cablewearing down.I would highly recommend this product to anyone who enjoys traveling and needsexternal storage for your iPhone.
This is the best all in one charging cable and flash drive that you can fit in your pocket. Unlike other cables, this one can connect without having to take your phone case off. It is a pain to have to take your case off every time you want to connect your cable, the build of the cable makes it easy to slide in and out with bigger cases.Once you plug in the flash drive, you can connect using the iPlugmate app which is free, that helps you organize and view your images as well as videos that you have stored on it. I also noticed that you can also back up your contacts as well as other data that you have on your phone.So while I am watching a movie file that is on my phone, if I plug it in to a power bank, it will stay charged, I do not have to worry about my battery life while I am staying entertained. And the speed of the read and write speed is so fast, even the charging speed is fast. I like how even though it is a memory stick, you can bend it to easily slide inside your pocket if it is connected to a power bank. My phone usually dies at work and sometimes a have a cable plugged into my power bank, but the cable is always too long and ends up being bunched in my pocket. Now since this one is so small its more room in my pocket for other things.I definitely recommend this flash drive because it is small and it does so many things all in one!

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