LaCie LAC9000473U 2Big RAID Thunderbolt 2 12TB 7200RPM External Hard Drive


The new LaCie 2big offers game-changing speeds, compatibility, and usability for backup, file transfers, and 4K workflows. Squeezing the maximum speeds out of its 7200 RPM drives, it also features Thunderbolt 2 transfer interface speeds and hardware RAID. And thanks to USB 3.0, it can be...


  • Hard Drive: 12 TB
  • Number of USB 2.0 Ports: 1

User reviews

Basically, only good for fast backup. I bought two of these, planning to do speedy video editing. The transfer rates are good--about 370mbs R/W--BUT latency is a joke. If you pause using the drive even for a few seconds, you have to wait for it to start transferring again. Add up all those wait times and deduct that from the transfer rates. I opted for an ADDITIONAL 2 1TB Samsung SSDs, concatenated to make a single virtual 2TB drive for video editing. Now FCPX is constantly instantaneous. The two 12TB LaCie 2BIG drives are now for backup and file and clip storage.
Quiet. Fast. And most importantly, RELIABLE. I have several fire-wire raids from Lacie, and they've saved my life several times. One time, a drive on one of the raids failed. Heart in my throat I extracted the good one and mounted it. All my data was safe. I went out and bought another drive and simply swapped out the bad one. After maybe 20 minutes, the drive had automatically, mirrored the data and I was up and running again. Worked EXACTLY as advertised.
This is a very solid and fast external raid drive and with 12TB of storage, it has the capacity to hold lots of HD video, the reason I purchased it. My only disappointment is that the Thunderbolt connection is not recognized by my HP ZBook laptop that is an early model that had the 10gbps version of the Thunderbolt port. This is even though the Thunderbolt 2 interface is supposed to be backward compatible with the original Thunderbolt ports. Both Lacie and HP Support have not been able to resolve the problem. Luckily, the drive is also equipped with a USB 3.0 port and that works fine but is half the speed of the Thunderbolt port and that was the whole reason for buying both the Laptop and the drive. I think this is a Windows driver issue of some sort and maybe some day it will be solved.

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