LaCie Rugged RAID, Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 4TB Portable Hard Drive STFA4000400


The LaCie rugged RAID delivers a game-changing blend of PC and Mac compatibility, capacity, speed, mobility, and reliability. As the ultimate solution for on-the-go professionals, the LaCie rugged adapts to the need for performance or complete data security.

User reviews

I'm a media professional. I work with a lot of RED footage, project files, and music. I need a reliable, fast, and portable drive to take with me on shoots to handle on site data transfers.Previously I had brought a 5400RPM Thunderbolt Drive with me on shoots and transferring 100 or so gigs of footage would take about 45 minutes to an hour. Sitting around and waiting for the footage to dump at the end of a long day is the last thing you want to do so I looked for other alternatives.I had a LaCie Rugged USB Thumbdrive that failed on me after about 2 months so I was hesitant to come back to the LaCie brand. But I said screw it, and went for it.And so far so good. It's survived a couple shoots and a few plane trips. It feels solid, and it's USB powered so it's truly portable. I haven't dropped it yet so I can't testify to it's durability in that regard. It's cut down data transfer speeds to "is this real life?" levels. 100 gigs takes 5-10 minutes. It's truly a time saver. And time is money, And money is good to buy yourself a ticket to disneyland where you can buy mad amounts of corn dogs to eat.
I had just transferred over about 500GB worth of music and video and it was working really fast. Couldn't have been happier. Then on the 3rd day of ownership it randomly said I unsafely ejected it, but it was still plugged in and sitting on the desk. Then it came back for an hour and worked normally. Then it randomly said unsafely ejected again. It hasn't worked from that point on. Officially a brick after 3 days of NON Rugged usage (sitting on a desk).
i received a fake looking item. excessive glue, it's supposed to be thundebolt but there is no built-in cable as advertised, only usb (separate cable). going through the amazon customer support to return it!
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