LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt & USB 3.0 2TB 9000489 (LAC9000489) With Ivation Compact Portable Hard Drive Case


The new LaCie Rugged is the perfect solution for heavy-data users who require extreme data security and mobility. With USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt ports, it is also one of the fastest bus-powered products ever. Now featuring two-meter drop resistance and IP 54-level protection against dust and water,...


  • Hard Drive: Portable

User reviews

Wanted Thunderbolt for a Time Machine drive and rugged sounded good too. I can drop it from five feet up if it is not running so I feel confident about my backup being safe. I have another drive that uses USB3 and T-bolt is a lot faster, plus the T-bolt cable is built in and stows in the orange foam surrounding the edges of the unit.
I bought this hard drive because it's both PC and Mac compatible so I can use it at home and on my schools computers. Extremely easy set up and very very good hard drive. These things are indestrucable, soundless, fast and sleek. The case that came with it is pretty awesome too. Highly recommend them!
Some 0f the reviews say there are problems with the connectors become lose. I am using the thunderbolt interface and the connector is good. I have had the drive for a few weeks and it is doing good. I use it on my MBP early 2011, this had to have a new logic board that Apple installed, so it is able to provide enough power to the drive. I get a thruput rate of about 100G/hour using time machine for my backups. I think the limitation is from the thruput of the MBP HD. But it is about 3 times faster than backups to my 2013 time capsule over wifi. I have been doing my backups to that and it got full and needed to have a complete backup done and this would cause me to loose previous backups. so I got this 2TB drive to do backups.

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