LaCie STEX6000100 D2 Thunderbolt 2, USB 3.0 7200RPM 6TB Desktop external Hard Drive


LaCie has redefined a proven design with the new D2. Featuring Thunderbolt 2, USB 3.0, and a professional Seagate 6TB 7200 RPM hard disk, the LaCie D2 delivers superb performance for heavy data users. It’s even possible to boost speeds to up to 1150 MB/s and add 128 GB of SSD storage by...

User reviews

Two weeks in and the drive works fine, as you would expect and hope for. Time will only tell how reliable this drive is.Two things I don't like about this drive (and why I only give it three stars): 1) the LED on the front is big and bright—very distracting when it's processing data. I overcame this with a piece of gaffers tape with a very small hole punched in it; and 2) there is no on/off switch, at least that I can find (and if there is an on/off switch that can't be found easily, that's a design problem). Perhaps I use this drive differently than intended, but I don't need the drive on all the time and an on/off switch would be nice. If I am wrong about this not having a switch, please let me know.Revised Jan 30, 2017: Don JJ Carroll was kind enough to let me know that big honkin' light is also an on/off switch, so I've upped my rating to 4 stars.
Drive works well, though my version is the slightly older double wide. Built like a tank, though I'm not sure why unless the drives are suspended on rubber bands. Mounts quickly. Bright blue "branding" light is too much. It needs a switch to a smaller LED or none at all. The big blue light is reassuring during mounting and to monitor copies from a distance, but damn, it's bright !
Dude for real.. the hard drive spun up at 2am in the morning and I thought I was being abducted out of my bedroom. Aside from the LED on the front being insanely bright in dim lit rooms; this thing is louder than my Trashcan Mac by itself, but not more than I would expect out of an external 7200rpm drive. My WD Black internal drives are just as noisy. All in all.. so far so good. Lots of storage at thunderbolt speeds.. pretty happy. Might put a sticker over the LED.

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