Leef iBridge-C USB iOS Flash Drive (Global Packaging- 32GB (Silver White))


Leef USA:

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allows us to continue using the iPad with this extended storage option, rather than buying a new one just for more storage
Great way to take vacation pictures and organizing them according to the day's your gone. I knew that there must be something out there that would help with freeing up space on my phone. I highly recommend this product. The only down fall is that some times I would have to plug it in a couple of times for my Apple iPhone recognize it.
Had to order a new one since my older version, I almost lost due to the cover part becoming loose and frequently coming off my keychain. This is a smaller profile device from their previous version and the new design of its key chain holder seems to integrate well and seems to be a better design. It has a key loop that I can put on my key chain and silicone molding allows me to take out and place back in for a secure fit and hopefully minimize the issues I had with the older version.
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