Nulaxy 32G USB Flash Drive 3.0 with Charging Support for iPhone iPad, Jump Thumb Pen Drive with C-Smartlink Cable, External Storage Expansion Memory Stick for iOS Mac Windows PC


Thank you for choosing this sophisticated and cutting-edge USB Flash Drive! Watch Videos on the Move: This USB flash drive supports popular video formats including RMVB, AVI, MKV, MP4, and MOV formats, so you can store and watch videos straight from the drive via your device.Note: Download and...

User reviews

I have little kids that love to watch youtube. When we eat out, it's great to distract the kids with my phone, but letting them stream videos burn through too much data. I load all kind of kid shows on my phone and there is never enough memory. This flash drive is nice to have because it alleviates some of that burden.This drive is easy to set up with the app and the data transfer is super quick being usb 3.0 and all. It's super convenient to use the same cable to charge while transfer data or watch videos. I have to be honest and say it is a bit awkward to have the drive dangling from the phone while I record or take pictures. I mainly use it for storing large video files. So far, my kids are very happy and I'm glad we can eat out in peace.
I like the user-friendliness of this flash drive, its big memory (32 gig), and it being Apple certified. I can fully insert the 8-pin lighting connector without having to remove my iphone case which make in su it very convenient and hassle-free. Inorder for me to use this flash drive, I had to download the apps to activate it in my iphone. Once it is there, I can very easily do the things I needed to do like my transferring all my pictures and videos into this flash drive and into my laptop. I have also used it directly when I am taking pictures or videos. I can also use this device to charge my iphone through the USB port. So far, I am happy with this device because It has been working very well as I have expected.
I travel quite often, and I like to bring my ipad along with my iphone most of the time. So I'm always in need of some convenient ways to transfer pics and videos from my iphone to the ipad or vice versa. The 32G Flash drive can also store a lot of of stuff since my phone is always out of storage every once in a while. This little flash drive not only serves as my emergency storage but also can charge my phone when I forget to bring my original charging cable. Transferring is pretty easy and self-explanatory as you just plug it in and download the app then transfer the files you need. Nothing fancy but this is very practical and useful wherever I am. I will probably get another one to be my backup/ spare soon!

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