Seagate 8TB IronWolf NAS SATA 6Gb/s NCQ 256MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Hard Drive (ST8000VN0022)


Tough, ready and scalable, Seagate IronWolf drives (up to 10TB) help to reduce downtime and ensure peak performance. Optimized for 1-to-8-bay NAS enclosures for home, SOHO and SMB use, IronWolf drives are enhanced with AgileArray technology and Rotational Vibration (RV)


  • Hard Drive: 8 TB

User reviews

I ordered two of these to expand my NAS. I had to install one at a time to allow my Synology to rebuild my volume. Each drive replacement takes about 4 days. Well, the first drive started developing bad sectors after about day 7 on the job and then crashed. I was lucky to have redundancy. Anyway, I swapped it out with the other one and ordered a replacement. I just installed the replacement and hoping they hold strong. I like Seagate and am assuming the failed drive was somehow subject to shock before it got to me. I'm giving only 4 stars bc of the failure. If another one fails, I'll come back and update my review to reflect!27 Sept Update: So far so good. I just checked the two 10TB Seagate IronWolf drives and both are running smoothly with no bad sectors. They do run about 7 degrees (F) hotter than my 6 other, non He drives but don't know if that's normal or not. About sound-They seem quiet to me, similar to my other 10+ Seagate HDD's!Dec 24 2016 update: the two drives are running 24x7 and without any problems.Jun 13 2017 update: the two drives are running 24x7 and without any problems. I'm about to order a couple more IronWolf drives...
So far so good. The drives are reasonably quiet, a bit quieter than my WD Red drives, but they do run a couple of degrees warmer than the Reds at idle and under load. Both sets of drives are in the exact same type of QNAP enclosure and the enclosures are sitting right next to each other, so ambient conditions are about the same. I am a fan of Seagate drives and was eager to test out the new Ironwolf drives, as all of my other NAS-specific drives are Western Digital and HGST.Only negative, which I will not penalize the drive itself for, was the horrible packaging job. These drives were sold by and shipped from Amazon directly, and considering the huge array of electronic equipment Amazon sells, they should know better. Drives were laying in the bottom of a fairly large cardboard box with a couple airbags loosely strewn on top. The things likely got banged around a fair bit during shipping. There were no shockproof endocarps in a box specifically designed for a hard drive (my Western Digitals and every other Seagate I have received had those), and not sure why Seagate/Amazon would think it's OK to transport drives like this. I have read reviews on this issue before with drives being shipped in thinly padded envelopes, and thought nah, that could never happen to me! Very disappointed. Fortunately, I didn't see any signs of damage and the drives are performing as intended, so we'll see and hope there are no future issues.See attached photos. Also included one of a *correctly* packaged Western Digital drive.
I ordered two of these drives for my Synology DiskStation NAS. I installed them as instructed, initialized them, etc., and everything was looking good. The quick S.M.A.R.T. test came out normal. Then I noticed you can do an IronWolf health test (my old 3TB Seagates I replaced didn't have that option), so I ran it and both drives came out with a warning 102: Excessive physical shock to the hard drives has been detected. I don't know if the drives were defective when they left the factory, or if the shipping was that bad, but this seems like a major problem. I'll be returning these and exchanging them and hoping for non-defective drives. I'll update my review when/if that happens.Update 5/21: I reinstalled the drives in my Synology DiskStation in order to wipe them, and out of curiousity ran the IronWolf Health test again - this time it came out normal. I've changed my rating to reflect this, and if all is well a few months down the line I'll update.
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