Seagate Backup Plus 1TB Slim Portable External Hard Drive, Assorted Colors Seagate


1TB capacityUSB 3.0 interfaceHolds up to 666,000 photos, 285,000 songs or 526 hours of HD video

User reviews

I have to say that I absolutely COULD NOT live without my new Portable External Hard Drive. For years I've had an external hard drive but it wasn't something that was easily used on other devices. It was not easily portable. After looking at several different models, I decided to purchase the Seagate 1TB Slim Portable External Hard Drive. Not only do I like the smooth sleek look of this hard drive, but also the ease of use between both Mac and Windows computers. Since I use both on a daily basis, I have found that having this hard drive is better than having any flash drive to easily share files between the two. I also feel like my life is on this fabulous little device. It fits perfectly in my purse, or pocket. Making portability a breeze. Set up was a piece of cake. I love the Drag and Drop option. I bought the 2.5-Inch Portable External Hard Drive Hd EVA Shockproof Carrying Travel Case to go along with it. The bottom line, YES I would recommend this to a friend... every day, any day!!! I LOVE IT!
I am a 63 year old man and am legally blind. I have had one of these for over a year with ABSOLUTELY no issues. I wanted another one to store movies that were ISO files. The new one looks just a little bit different but it works the same. I use both of them for my lap top, which uses Windows 8.1 and a desk top that uses Windows 10. Just plugged in and started saving files with no real set up needed. As far as speed, some folks just need to have a little patience. Or, spend more money. I did notice that it did seem to work faster on USB 3 ports as opposed to USB 2 but not that much. I did learn something that I will pass on to folks that I learned from a turtorial about this product. The man warned that you SHOULD NOT tap, hold, move, etc while the device is working. It could disrupt both the device and the compute. Otherwise for the money you can do no better for storage. I can't speak for daily use or running it every day but so far can't ask for any better and if I need more space I will buy another.
I got this item for christmas of 2016 brand new. I've used it for my xbox as extended storage. It had worked great, with no problems. It's now May 28 of 2016 and it's a paper weight. It's junk, it doesn't work with my xbox or my laptop, the drive light does not turn on which, from what I've read, means it is dead. I would not recommend this, for a little bit more, buy something that'll last more than six months.
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