Silicon Power 64GB X 2 Flash Drive C80 Type C Swivel Dual Flash Drive (USB-A 3.0/ USB-C) Ready for Smartphones, Tablets and New Macbook (S2064GBUC3C80V1SAM)


Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Dual interface of USB Type-C and standard USB Type-A 3.0 Ports; ideal for your Type-C enabled devices (smartphones, tablets, and new MacBook); 360° swivel cap to protect the connector and to attach to the key chains; Ergonomic design, easier to use...


  • Brand Name: Silicon Power
  • Item model number: S2064GBUC3C80V1SAM
  • Item Weight: 8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 0.7 x 1.9 x 0.3 inches
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 0.71 x 1.94 x 0.26 inches

User reviews

I'm so happy with this 3-Pack of Silicon Power 16GB Ultima Flash Drives!! I have an old laptop with Windows XP installed...remember that outdated operating system? I've recently had some problems with it, but support expired exactly one year no fixes! The laptop contains many treasured photos, some great music, and other very necessary files. But how to save them from a laptop that no longer works properly?These flash drives are the perfect answer! Simply plug into the laptop's USB 2.0 port and voila! I can download all my favorite photos, music, and files onto a tiny, easily stored flash drive. Then plug it into another computer's USB port and the files are transferred. The drive itself (and there are three of them in the package) has a cover that slides back to reveal (and protect) the connector. Even with my arthritic fingers, it was simple to push the black button on the back to release the slide. When finished using it, simply slide it back to cover the metal USB connector. All three flash drives work perfectly and provided more than enough storage for my many years of files. Nice, too, is the fact that there are three different colors (black, dark blue, and hot pink).These are fine for my purpose, and probably for yours as well. They don't support the new USB 3.0, but all that means is that they're not quite as fast. Big deal! I'm very happy and would recommend them highly. For under $12, to receive three 16 GB storage flash drives (that work!!) is nothing short of a bargain!
Short and simple review without writing a book...PROS: 32GB flash drive for $15 (costs less than the average person spends on gas to drive to work each week!) LED activity indicator key chain hole formats to NTFS without issues (unlike some reviews state) it works (will update if it dies)CONS: well...none really for the price! If you want the fastest beast out there, plan on paying a lot more! This thing is fast enough for me though.I don't have USB 3.0 on my motherboard either (2.0), so I find there complaints about "only 41 MB/s under NTFS" a little funny. This is also why I'm not going to bother with speed tests. I mainly use this drive for backing up old drivers for multiple computers, personal settings (such as Firefox bookmarks), and programs I use on new installs. I transfer larger files (5GB+) when I'm going AFK a while.So the bottom line if this is the drive for you or not depends on what you need/want. If you want something to quickly store large files (Blue-ray movies for example), why are you even looking at a flash drive vs external SSD hard drive anyway?!
Other than the very reasonable price (as opposed to local retail), these flash drives have excellent build quality, and the keychain portion of the drive has a satisfying "click" snap at every ninety degrees around the joint of the main plastic assembly. Although this isn't exactly the premium and minimalistic feel of a Kingston DataTraveler, for a budget flash drive, it's a great aesthetic. Plus, it's USB 3.0!Speaking of 3.0 performance, these drives are quick, seamless, and can work as boot drives with my retina MacBook Pro. Even as USB 2.0 drives, transfer speeds are superior. A great boost to match capacity.I bought the 16 and 32GB varieties of these drives, and think they are great addition to my portable set of work tools. Grab some yourself, if you need some cheap, good-looking mobile storage.UPDATE, SEPTEMBER 25, 2014: 16GB DEADThe 16GB model I bought has died- many sectors on the drive are corrupted, and it is now unusable. I'll be contacting Silicon Power shortly to discuss replacing my defective unit, as I would expect a flash drive to last longer that two months. In the meantime, I'll be looking to other manufacturers for fulfilling my mobile data needs. This hardware failure was a serious letdown.
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