Sony PSZ-HC1T//C 1TB Ruggedized External HDD Tethered USB 3.0 cable and USB C port , Black


Sony's growing line of professional storage technologies includes rugged, distinctive, and portable HDD products for ultra-fast data transfer even in uncontrolled environments. Each model has the transfer speed and high performance needed for 4K production. And, because they were built with the...


  • Hard Drive: 1 TB

User reviews

Fast delivery although shipped to Germany. Just no wishes left.The hard drives have Sony's well known higher quality and design.Overall just no wishes left.
This is an excellent external storage device. It is encased in a soft silicone type shock absorber. The attached USB interface cable fits snugly into recesses in the outer case for transport and storage. There is also a USB-C compatable port (USB-C cable not included) to allow stacking of multiples of these devices for increased storage capacity. The instructions were clear (once I got to them). The only minor drawback to mention is having to go to the internet for any instructions. What came with the device said go to a website. Once at Sony's website having to sort through all the directions to find the set that applied to my device. There really weren't that many but I don't like doing it. Then the instructions were a PDF format that had every possible language on it with smal print and English was not the first one so I had to zoom in and was a little hard to find scanning through the document. I was highly recommend this device for business or personal use for large data storage requirements.
First of all, GET an external Hard drive! They are less likely to crash than your computer's hard drive because there isn't any software in there messing things up.This hard drive is very clever. IT comes in a tough plastic box (comment: they should have put a hole i the side that the cord could go through--ten you could just leave it in the box while attached to the computer.Unlike some drives, it doesn't need two cords (one for charging, one for data).It's compact for how HUGE it is.. HUGE in MEMORY not in SIZE.It runs smoothly and quickly. I can move a lot of data in a short time period. When it gets stopped (like for when there are details missing on a file and it wants to know if I want to transfer it) it does NOT make a noise, as far as I've noticed. That can be bad, because I won't know it's stopped transferring until I notice that window. Small problem and could be I'm just distracted.Definitely recommend this one.

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