TerraMaster D5-300 USB3.0 (5Gbps) Type C 5-Bay External Hard Drive Enclosure Support RAID 5 Hard Disk RAID Storage (Diskless)


Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Up to 40TB storage capacity. D5-300 can support five (5) SATA hard drives, is compatible with 10TB 3.5 inch SATA hard drive, and has a total storage capacity up to 40TB ( in RAID 5). (Note: users need to purchase their own hard drives. HDD's are...


  • Hard Drive: 6 TB

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 The Terramaster D5-300 has a USB Type-C / A connection and it houses 2.5" or 3.5" Hard Drives.Unboxing:- User Guide- USB Type-C to USB Type-C Cable- USB Type-C to USB Type-A Cable- Power Adapter- Screws to hold the Hard Drives or SSD's- TerraMaster D5-300 EnclosureThe D5-300 can take up to 5 Hard Drives and Up to 30TB of Storage in Total.This external enclosure has a USB Type-C connection but limited to USB 3.0 speeds which are not bad at all capping at 230 MB/SOverall the experience was above average, and if TerraMaster delivers the fix on the firmware to make the enclosure go to sleep with the computer and also the small tweak on the OSX App this will be one hell of a enclosure that will take its place on my favourites for sure.In Conclusion:Things i did like the most:- Built Quality- Design- Silent Machine During Operation- Raid Software Included- Nice Read / Write SpeedsThings i did Like The Least- Screws to Hold the Drives- Unit Will Not Go To Sleep- OSX App does Not Allow Single Drive at This MomentPS: The way i will be using it the 2 issues will not bother me as it will be in single drive under Windows and no need to be always on, i can just turn on and off. If i could give 4.5 stars i would but taking a all star seems too much
Stay clear of this unit.Jan 22-2017 Update.The device has destroyed my 3rd 3TB hard drive and broke the RAID again. I got the biggest lemon in hardware I think I have ever received. Its like a HDD eating machine.Great little device. The price is decent and it comes with a converter cable for USB 3.0It's performance speed could be a little better. I was expecting a bit more than 100 mb/s for RAID 5 with 5 x 3TB HDD.The onboard RAID is great, no extra cards needed.Its a little odd that you need to use software to set the RAID config but its very easy to do.Sept 3-2016 updateAfter using this now for a few weeks I should earn everyone that the unit I received has very poor speeds. I figured the RAID 5 speeds may be slow for write speeds but even my read speeds would drop to 10 MB/sec.This is horrible even for a USB memory stick.Oct 19-2016 UpdateDevice is now almost useless. It takes 10-15 seconds to even list directories. Media stutters when streaming to my Apple TV now and buffers.Device also takes 60-90 seconds to even mount when I attach it to another computer.Oct 25-2016 updateAfter a few reboots and a few hours of the hard drives thrashing it seems to be performing a bit better. I shouldn't have to do this. It should work all the time.
I really wanted to like it - the design looks great next to my MacBook Pro, but the D5-300 really didn't feel like a solid product. There were loud clunking noises coming from the enclosure that I was told were normal, but they still made me nervous. But still, I was willing to give it a shot. So I started copying large amounts of data to the D5-300 and this is where the problems started. The singe RAID5 D5-300 volume that showed up on my MacBook Pro desktop kept disappearing during copying. I changed computer, just to make sure that the reason was not a bad port or the computer itself. On the other machine the same thing happened. At that point I had lost confidence in this product and returned it for a full refund.

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