Toshiba 1TB Desktop 7200rpm Internal Hard Drive




  • Screen Size: 3.5 inches
  • Hard Drive: 1 TB

User reviews

It can be hard to do hard drive reviews because a lot of what makes a drive good or bad is the longevity of the drives. I purchased 4 of these drives to upgrade an older NAS that had 4 2TB drives, I have been running these for a few weeks now and am happy with the performance. The last time I built a NAS one of the hard drives was bad right off the bat so I'm happy these are all up and running. Speed is what I expected from my NAS.If I have any premature failures on the drives I will update this review. Otherwise, it's a pretty nice drive for the price and it is working in my Synology NAS just fine. Recommended.**==** UPDATE 12-11-2016 **==**Under light use one of the four drives has already failed. I understand that hard drives will fail from time to time so that did not annoy me as much as having to pay to ship the drive back to Toshiba in order to get a refund. Shame on Toshiba for not picking up the shipping on a product that only lasted 4 months.
HIGH pitch whining "eeeeee" sound... It's not really loud, but it's there, especially within 3 feet of my desktop PC. Damn high pitch sound is rather annoying.I think I'm going to have to return this. Sigh. This hdd gets decent speeds: 160 gb/s read and write. But that damn whining sound!Perhaps I got a faulty hdd.Seatools, seatools dos, Western Digital diagnostic tools, window chkdsk, ALL SHOW GOOD HDD. ZERO ERRORS. SMART PASSED....BUT WHY THE DAMN WHINING SOUND? Sigh.To be fair, when the goes to "Sleep" or becomes inactive, it's dead silent until I need to access some files on the hdd again.But unfortunately, there's no way to disable that feature I think if you want a 100% constantly active HDD.
these are the best. buy them while you can, b/c Toshiba is the last stand alone company that makes HD's. quality is here and if you want silent, (or close to it) then these are it. a single platter and 1tb.. the higher capacity ones (like 5tb) will be louder due to the mulitiple arms, but the 1tb's are (imo) the best.
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