Toshiba Canvio Connect II 1TB Portable Hard Drive, Red (HDTC810XR3A1)


Toshiba's Canvio Connect II takes portable storage to the next level. With local & cloud backup and PC & Mac compatibility, the Toshiba Canvio Connect II is your all-in-one portable storage solution. Available in capacities up to 3TB, this amazingly full featured powerhouse will keep all your...


  • Hard Drive: 1 TB External

User reviews

I have owned this drive for 1 week. I am impressed with how cool it runs; it does not get hot like my older 2010 model external hdds. I am also impressed with how lightweight it is, and I also like the shape of it and that it is pretty small. It's also nice that it is plug and play and does not require a separate power source. I glanced at the NTI backup software and the PogoPlay cloud data access software but did not use it yet since Windows backup handles my backup needs and plugging the drive into the usb port on my router handles my cloud data access needs. To note, the user interface of the NTI backup software is nice looking and easy to use. When I used the drive to take a system image of my mom's new laptop, the data transfer rate was averaging ~110MBps since her laptop has usb 3.0 capability. At home I only have usb 2.0 so my speeds are just ~10MBps which is to be expected. The light on it is white and blinks during data transfer, but it is not intrusive or anoying at all in my opinion. I like this drive a lot and am probably going to buy 1 or 2 more. The Amazon Basics external hard drive case I got with it as a free gift is also awesome. Here is the link for that: will update this review in the future if any cons arise.
I bought this device specifically for the Xbox one.Two things to know about this device when using it with the Xbox one. When using the hard drive for the first time, make sure you have your Xbox one turned on first and that you are logged on to your account. If you have the hard drive plugged in when turning on the Xbox one (for the first time), it will not recognize the drive. It didn't work for me. After 10 minutes of useless research and cursing, I was about to pack it up and send it back to Amazon. So I decided one last try..... I unplugged it, turned on my Xbox one, logged into my account and then I plugged the hard drive in and VICTORY! The XB1 recognized the drive and two quick clicks later, it was ready to go.Second, after moving 12 games over to the hard drive, I turned off the XB1. Next day when I turned on my XB1 with the hard drive still plugged in, there was nothing on my hard drive (external). It showed that I had items saved onto the drive but, I could not see any games. First thought, another worthless hard drive! But, before I threw it against the wall (not really) I unplugged hard drive and plugged it back into the XB1 and everything was there. So, ever since this issue, I have unplugged the hard drive and plugged it back in after turning on the XB1. Maybe I had a glitch but, up to you.Moving along now....I bought mine for $81 (brand new) from Amazon. I was lucky. Right now, it is going for $119. It says 2GB but, after I formatted it for the XB1 and ran it for the first time, it has 1.8TB for actual use. Its power source is the device it is plugged in too. It appears to be sturdy and well made. I like the tiny little cushions on the bottom of the hard drive that prevents it from sliding around. It comes with a 3.0 usb type-A/micro type-b cable. This cable is SHORT and very thin. The end that goes into the hard drive, in my opinion, is a little unstable for me (it felt like it would come out it you it around). There is a solution for this issue but, you will have to pay extra cash. After doing much research on portable hard drives, a lot of folks have had this issue (not only on Amazon but, elsewhere). So, I bought a two-pack, from Cable Matters, of 3.0 usb type-A/micro-b cables. They are 3 feet long, THICKER and they fit into the hard drive and XB1 like they SHOULD be, SNUG. This will save you time. Why? Because you will end up talking to the Toshiba and requesting for another cable. In my opinion.Games being moved from the internal hard drive to the external hard drive will vary in the time it takes to move it. The largest game moved was 48.8 GB and it took just under 14 minutes. Moving games back is slightly faster. As for playing games from the external hard drive, there might be a quicker load time as compared to the internal drive but, as far as I am concerned, it works. The only thing I have not done is to download a game from Microsoft directly onto my external drive. I haven't set up that option yet. Last thing when it comes to downloads, transfers, etc. I downloaded Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (free) and it took 3 hours. Transfer to the external from the internal took 7 minutes plus.My rating it 4 may or may not change over the course of this device. No electronic device gets a 5-star or a 1-star rating. 5-star, to me, means that it is perfect, no such thing. 1-star means it dies tomorrow or within a year.Overall, great, for now as it pertains to the XB1. The company says it is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1. Well, Windows 10 is about to be released and I will wait before I buy an external hard drive as a back-up. This is a very, very quite external hard drive, simple as that. You want noise? The power source for XB1 is louder, HOURS after it has not been in use. Go figure. As of now, it is a great external hard drive for the XB1 (minus the cable. Trust me, buy the cable I mentioned earlier or something similar. A great or good sturdy cable makes all the difference in the world).Last words, my review will change if the drive has issues. I don't plan on moving mine around unless it is to be cleaned. I also, DO NOT, work for Toshiba, Amazon, Microsoft, Cable Matters, any blog site, etc. I am just a consumer who was looking for an external hard drive for my XB1. I DO NOT KNOW how this device will work on a laptop, computer, PS4 or mobile phone. That will be up to you.PS - I have owned this item for less then a week and it was bought through Amazon.PSS - Just because a device says 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, etc. IT DOES NOT MEAN IT HAS THAT AMOUNT OF SPACE AVAILABLE! Why? Software that comes with the device. This is for the folks who always have this complaint..... Avoid this issue and RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING!
I'm a Mac user, always have been, always will be. Although this device is formatted for the PC its easily reformatted for the Mac. Excellent price, very good quality.

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