Toshiba P300 1TB 3.5″ Internal Hard Drive Toshiba


Capacity: 1TBIntelligent Serial ATA interfacePerpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) Technology

User reviews

It's a rotating hard drive. Fairly well-known technology at this point. Plugged it in, Formatted and partitioned. Away I go. So I'm happy. I expect it to work well for several years. Which is pretty much what drives do. - Easier to deal with Walmart than Amazon. Especially like not having to pay extra for free shipping. Returns to a local store if needed, Free shipping to store when that's what I need to do. Very pleased with the Walmart experience and wide variety of specialty products available.
Is an OK hard drive. But it lacked installation software that comes with Seagate drives. The price was really the only factor that encouraged me to buy it.
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