UGREEN USB 3.0 Type C OTG Flash Drive For Type-C Smartphone And Tablets,Like Apple’s Macbook,Google’s Chromebook Pixel, Nokia N1 Tablet Etc (16GB)


2 IN 1: USB 3.0 flash drive is equipped with two connectors: USB 3.0 and USB type C. It allows you to easily transfer files and data between smartphones, tablets and computers. Easier to share data instead of using cloud services.; USAGE: USB 3.0 disk provides extra storage for all mobile devices...

User reviews

I use these to make USB earrings with. I spent ages trying to find USB-C drives that would look cute enough to replace my old USB-A flash drive earrings, and this is what I decided on. They're nice looking and function well as USB drives and as earrings. My only complaint is that you can't actually do a 180 flip so that the USB-C side is the one sticking out of the bottom with the loop at the top. Had they spared just a fraction of a millimeter of additional metal, they could do it, but as it stands now, the USB-A side is just a little too long, so it won't flip completely.
I just have had this a few days, but I have used it every day. If you have one of the new MacBook Pro Touch Bars, this is a MUST. A bi-lingual flash drive that fits on your keychain and goes in and out of ALL your Macs. It's great. Let's test the longevity, but so far I absolutely love this thing and consider it a must have for Mac users. When there ones of higher GBs, odds are I will buy those but USB C and USB A/3.0 right now are invaluable.
Sure this worked just fine and did its job like a good little flash drive should, but within about one week of owning this, the actual flash drive part slid out no where to be found. So now all I have is an empty casing and my information on the floor of some random place. I did however get a full refund which was great! I still recommend purchasing this item considering that they'll probably fix this issue.
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