USB Flash Drive 32 GB External Storage Expansion Memory Stick,Yafeite Thumb Drive Lightning Connect iPhone Android PC 3 in 1 Gold (gold 32GB)


Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; ★Flash drive is your iphone mobile phone, Andrews phone and USB port best friend, 3 in 1 storage compatible wide range of video, music and pictures for you to save valuable space. ★; 【Lightning link】:can experience up to 9MB/S~11MB/S read speed and...

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 The quality of this iPhone adapter is superb. It's very well made. It's 3 in 1 USB flash drive. It's good for iPhone, android and laptop. I got this for me to store my pictures and videos from my phone. I only got 64GB on my iPhone and I needed one like this just to keep all my pictures. You gotta download the i easy app so you can use this usb flash drive. Just follow the instructions on how you will use it. I don't even read the instruction lol I just insert the usb into my iPhone and it says it need to download the app and boom it's works. I would recommend this if your phone is full already. two thumbs up for this.
This little flash drive has been a HUGE time saver for me! Before I would have to connect my phone to my laptop with a USB cable to copy and transfer my files. Sometimes my laptop would freeze up in the middle of transferring files and I would have to start all over which resulted in having spending more time doing so. Now all I have to do is plug the small flash drive into a USB port on my laptop and drag and drop the files to the drive. Then I just insert the lightning connector on the drive into my iphone and that's it. The app used for managing the files on the flash drive automatically opens (must download app first) for quick easy access. I love the user interface of the app. You can create folders to keep all your files nicely organized. Also, the USB connector on the flash drive easily folds, allowing you to connect the drive to micro USB devices as well. This flash drive might be small but deffinitely does not disappoint! I suppose it's true about big things coming in small packages. I am VERY pleased with the overall functionally of the flash drive!!
VERY awesome product!!! Why have I never seen one of these little things!? I'm a college student so always needing a flash drive. This is SO convenient. My iPhone has been saying it's out of storage for the past month, so I was able to use this to quickly transfer all of my things to my laptop, and also have them on backup file that I can always keep with me. My only con about this right now, is it cannot be plugged into an iPhone if you have a case like a Lifeproof or Otterbox on it, which I always do! It took me a while to get my case off and on so I could plug it up, but then it worked immediately very fast. It has 64GB of storage, which is perfect. I highly recommend to anyone! I'm not sure why I was so behind and slow on finding this thing but it is AHH-mazing!!
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