USB Flash Drives for iPhone 32GB Pen-Drive Memory Storage, G-TING Jump Drive Lightning Memory Stick External Storage, Memory Expansion for Apple IOS Android Computers (Pink)


Are you fed up with storage warning on your iPhone/iPad?

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What a super cool easy to use flash drive.. I purchased this for my wife as she had about a million photos on her iPhone (really only about 1200) and needed an easy way to save them all and free up space on her phone. The App instllation was painless and once I explored the drive's options I was able to copy ~ 1200 photos/videos over in about a minute.. Super easy to use and after all that copying it only required 6% of the drives memory which means it has Soooooooooooo much more... A+++ Product![...] and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.. Thanks
This drive worked great with my iPhone 5s. It did not work with my iPad Air 2. My purchase was was for use with my phone so I am not worried that it doesn't work with my iPad.The drive has no way of locking and slides easily so you have to keep your finger on the end when inserting into the lightning port. Otherwise, it will not go in. I have documented this in my video review. It is a good drive with the exception of the mentioned slide issue. The I-easy drive app is simple to use. It is not a robust program by any means but in this case, simple is best!
This is what I need to easily transfer a lot of photos in my phone. The manual is easy to follow because of the clear instructions in English with some photos & diagrams included. Once the needed app is installed, everything will be simple to understand. It's a tiny, slim, & small flash drive but good enough to hold 32GB.When writing a name for a folder on where to transfer the files or photos, make sure that you don't include any character, not even a space because it will not be accepted, will be prompted as error. The "edit" command functions most of the time, so if you'll be a bit confused, just tap edit and everything will work fine.This flash drive is very useful for me. This will definitely saves my phone's memory storage. The copying is nice & fast. My only concern on this product is the lack of cover to protect both tips. Although the sliding mechanism in between would cover one end, the other is always left open and exposed. If they could provide a case perhaps, it would be a good protection option.Overall, I am satisfied with this USB flash drive. It's worth the price. Thanks for reading & hope my experience on this product has helped you. Have a nice shopping!

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