USB Type-C OTG Flash Drive 3 in 1(Type-C/Micro USB/USB 3.0)Thumb Drive 64GB Memory Expansion Antdisk


🔽Easily transfer files between smartphones, tablets, and PC and Mac computers 🔽Free up space on your smartphone or tablet 🔽USB Type-C and traditional USB connectors 🔽High-speed USB 3.0 performance of up to 130MB/s

User reviews

I ordered this 32GB Antdisc flash drive for transferring downloaded TV shows and movies to my TV. I have several smaller flash drives and I am always running out of space for large 1080p video files. The 32GB drive came already formatted and worked perfectly as soon as I plugged it into my computer. It also worked great when I plugged it into my TV to test some movies that I downloaded. The drive seems fast and reliable so I don’t know what more you could ask for. I love having a flash drive on my keychain since I always have them in my pocket and you are less likely to lose it than if you just had a drive in your pocket.
Wow this Usb packs a Punch. I am amazed at the quality of this and size. Its fast and no issues putting it into my drive. It was plug and play with out an issue. I love the key change holder so easy to carry around. It was a great investment. Nice to be able to carry storage files in my purse at hand. Great gift for any One.
I formatted the flash drive to exFAT to move files from Windows to Mac interchangeably and it works like a dream. Just to remind everyone, the flash drive comes with different formatting options. For example, if you intend to only use the flash drive with one operating system format it to NTFS; Mac OS is HFS. If you intend to work with Mac and Windows interchangeably exFAT can be read by both operating systems. exFAT also allows you to transfer large files starting at 2gb per file.

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