Verbatim 16GB Dog Tag USB Flash Drive, Black 98671


Looking for a fun, unique way to store data that's tough enough to stand up to your active lifestyle? The Verbatim Dog Tag USB Drive is the solution. We designed this rugged 16GB USB drive in the shape of an actual dog tag, complete with a metallic bead chain, and protective rubber border. When...


  • Processor: 8032

User reviews

The drive pops out to easy. Could use a slide on back or something to keep it secure in its slot better but since it's either on the chain it came on or a key ring it's not like it gets lost. It's just annoying always having to pop it back in its slot. Other than that it works great, just a little slow but what do you expect out of usb 2.0.
I am absolutely in love with this flash drive! I am constantly looking for new flash drives with cool features and this one has topped all my others. I plan on attaching it to my dog tag chain. The flash drive works perfectly, the tag is made out of plastic so I am not sure how long it will last but so far it is holding up excellently! Couldn't be more happy!!
It works fine only thing is it can go in to the computer both forward and backward since there is no notch like normal usbs. I find myself pluging it in then unplugging it then plugging it in the right way a lot. Hoping this does not wear down the contacts.

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