Verbatim 2TB Store ‘n’ Go Portable Hard Drive, USB 3.0 – Compatible with USB 2.0 – PC / Mac – Diamond Black


Experience transfer speeds up to 10x faster with SuperSpeed USB 3.0! The Verbatim 2TB Store ā€˜nā€™ Go Portable Hard Drive features a unique, diamond-cut finish and comes with the fastest USB connectivity available. SuperSpeed USB 3.0 lets you blaze through demanding tasks by reading and saving files...


  • RAM: 2000 GB
  • Hard Drive: 2 TB Portable
  • Number of USB 3.0 Ports: 1

User reviews

I'm 90% sure that I received two 2TB Verbatim Store 'n' Go portable hard drives when I only ordered one and I only paid for one. There's a 10% chance that I received two 1TB hard drives by mistake.
ā˜† Just as a non encrypted hard drive this works GREAT!!!!This has been a great product but seems not to work well with the software encryption that I have been using... the hard drive keeps getting corrupted. I somehow feel that the encryption is not to blame since it works great on other devices that I have and have had no problems. Please note that I am unsure of what situation is causing the encryption system to fail... but I believe it is inherent in the incompatibility of the hardware/software combination.
I employ Microsoft Windows 7's backup maintenance for both my desktop and laptop. Then I copy the files to this portable device in minutes, not hours. I need to keep this drive physically next to me in case one of my workstations crashes.

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