Verbatim 4TB Store ‘n’ Save Desktop Hard Drive, USB 3.0, Diamond Black 99399


Experience transfer speeds up to 10x faster with SuperSpeed USB 3.0! The Verbatim 3TB Store ‘n’ Save Desktop Hard Drive features a unique, diamond-patterned finish and comes with the fastest USB connectivity available. SuperSpeed USB 3.0 lets you blaze through demanding tasks by reading and...


  • Screen Size: 3.5 inches
  • Hard Drive: 3 TB desktop

User reviews

Past Verbatim portable storage units have a power on led on the front of the case. This SNS 3TB unit does not - very inconvenient to get up and walk around to the back of the unit to see if it powered off. Additionally, the tiny power button is finicky, and not very positive in on/off operation, unlike prior models with a rocker switch or a tactile push button. Also, when the Green Button disconnect utility is used, the unit turns off, but when the PC is rebooted, the unit is powered on. The only way to insure the unit remains powered off is to disconnect the power cable. IMO Verbatim needs to revisit this poor design, and restore the front power LED and a positive on/off switch to this unit.
PERFECT, Works perfectly. Priced too low for a 2 TB hard drive ,should be higher.I love the on off switch. I wish I needed another one. I might buy another one anyway.100 percent satisfaction.t
Great system, works with or without the included software. I find this external hard drive easy and straightforward to use. It is not a complicated system, especially if you just choose to "Run Backp" to the hard drive instead of trying to do it using the Nero software. I found the Nero software confusing. Don't get me wrong, the Nero software works fine, but I prefer to just use my computer's backup capabilities to back up my computer.
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