WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive – USB 3.0 – WDBU6Y0020BBK-WESN


Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; 2TB Storage Capacity; USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatibility; Up to 5 Gb/s Data Transfer Speed; Formatted for Windows 8, 7, Vista & XP; Easily Reformat Drive for Mac; Ultra-fast USB 3.0 data transfers. Massive capacity; For Mac compatibility this Hard...


  • Hard Drive: 2 TB Portable
  • Number of USB 3.0 Ports: 1

User reviews

I'm using this with my PS4 as I have the Beta 4.50 firmware that supports external USB for game storage. Games download to the external USB drive by default when that feature is enabled. The blue LED was bright but I turned the drive to face the wall. I like the black model, it fits with the PS4 perfectly. I haven't done any dramatic speed tests but games load from the drive with no issues. It is SO liberating to be able to just plug in a drive and triple your available space (I have a 1TB PS4 and the drive was full).
Purchased January 2016. Hard-drive began failing June 2016.While it worked, it worked well. When it began failing, though, any software running on my laptop linked with data on the hard-drive would freeze and lock up the computer for a while.Online software support from WD wasn't exactly easy to find and, once found, their proprietary diagnostic software failed to recognize their own product the first couple times. After a 15 hour scan of the device, it prompted me to repair certain bad sectors. Following that prompt though, I was then informed those bad sectors could not be repaired.In every support article you'll read about addressing issues with external hard-drives, it invariably says to always back up your data. Well, this product is the backup; that's precisely what a 2TB external hard-drive is for, and a life span of half a year doesn't inspire much confidence.I called the warranty support. For a ~$100 hold on a credit card, they will ship you a replacement product with instructions on then how to return your faulty drive. While they do provide a link to a discounted UPS label for return shipping, that cost is incurred by the customer.I'm pleased they'll replace the product but I'm not very impressed by my initial purchase lasting 6 months or the fact the customer incurs return shipping costs.
**XBOX ONE OWNERS**This is a nice, compact drive that is lightweight, and can safely be "stacked" on top of a console or PC with no threat of crushing or leaving indents after long periods of sitting. It can easily become inconspicuous, and even in view it is not much of an eye sore. As a matter of fact, it's black coloring goes just fine - sitting on top of my XBox One(top left - DO NOT PLACE THE DRIVE ON THE TOP RIGHT OF THE CONSOLE WHERE THE VENTILATION IS).XBox One owners who have reached their storage limits would appreciate this. It IS practically "PLUG & PLAY". Practically, because you must not plug the drive usb into the console until you have FIRST powered up your console. I plugged - then powered up the first attempt, and the XBox didn't even sense it. Power up the console(give it time to load your home screen), plug in the HD's usb(I plugged it in the "rear" of the console), go to "Settings", then "Storage". **NOTE: It slipped my memory, but either right after plug in, or immediately after choosing the WD drive for future memory(next step), it will ask if the drive's primary use is for "photos and media", whether you have current photos on the drive, and/or is it for your "game saves and downloads". Know that it is about to format the drive, so if you have photos saved prior to moving it to the XBox - keep this in mind...you could lose them.**I provided pictures, but you will notice your consoles built in memory option at first, and the WD Hard Drive option should be showing to it's right. You may immediately notice something seemingly off..."1.8 TB???"You haven't been ripped off. Think of that unprovided(to you) ".2 TB" as the HDrive's functioning brain. The drive needs memory space of its own to be the think tank for services provided to you. A brainless drive is a dead drive.Just click or choose to switch your memory(and future downloads) to the WD drive. Somewhere either right before or right after, it will ask your preferences on what kind of content you want saved. After formatting, IT'S SET. It showed "27.1%" memory used(for me), leaving that 1.8 TB. My explanation will take much longer to read than setting this up yourself. It's quite easy. I have since successfully re-downloaded games that I had to delete to make room for others, and I have also successfully downloaded new ones. We even had a recent power outage flicker - no harm to the drive. So far, so good, and at one of the most reasonable prices on Amazon in it's class.

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