WD 4TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive – USB 3.0 – WDBU6Y0040BBK-WESN


WD 4TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBU6Y0040BBK-WESN


  • Hard Drive: 4 TB Portable

User reviews

Over the last two years, I have purchased eight 1TB Western Digital external drives, including six "My Passport" and, most recently, two "Element". Of these, three have given me serious problems, which is a staggering percentage and really reflects very poorly on the dependability of the WD brand. One "My Passport" simply quit working without reason or warning after a little over a year of use, resulting in the extremely frustrating loss of nearly 800 GB of video files. Another "My Passport" was DOA and I had to return it. Finally, one of the two "Element", I purchased last is also defective and will not store properly many of the .mp4 video files I am trying to copy to it. I will have to return this one as well. This has forced me to store all of the files I wish to preserve in duplicate on separate drives to try and prevent loss. Finally, I have also been very dissapointed and frustrated by the fact that the later models (2016 on) of these WD external drives can no longer be read by most Blu-ray players or "smart" TVs, whereas earlier models could. When contacted, WD would not offer any explanation (let alone remedy) for this change. Overall, I am extremely dissapointed with these WD external drives and most likely will not purchase another one
I received this device on time, in good packaging, with product information. Immediately after ordering this Drive, I began using it to backup my music and video library. It was extremely fast, and worked continuously for about 5 hours. After I had backed up my necessary files, I left it connected to my laptop overnight, with my laptop in sleep mode, (thus the drive was powered down). The next morning I tried to access the drive, and found it unresponsive. I ejected it via the software built into Windows 10, and it ejected fine. Then I reconnected the drive, and tried again to access it, to no avail. I thought that perhaps just the FAT (File Allocation Table) had been messed up, but that the data was still there. Using a recovery program that should have been able to fix the FAT or replace it with the older version, on the drive, I was unable to even see the drive. Then I tried using my Apple laptop and recovery tools from it, and still no luck mounting the drive. So I have to assume this drive had a catastrophic failure after about 5 hours of continuous hard use. I DO NOT recommend this drive.
I bought one in late november and after less than 6 months it just does not work any more. Cheap but not worth it, simply can not access all the photos from my trip...

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