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APPLE MFi CERTIFIED: MFI is a licensed program released by Apple. MFI means 100% compatible with any Lightning device without error messages. Compatitable For: *iPhone: iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus/iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 5s/iPhone 5/iPhone 5c/*Smart Cellphone: All the...

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Works wonderfully I love it. Bought it for my husband but I have found myself using it a few times also. I love how it makes it so easy to move data around and I love the fact that it is easy to use. I might end up having to buy another one so me and my husband both have one. This gadget is amazing
I have a few of these devices, different brands, but they all do the same thing for me – extend the storage capacity of my iPhone 6 Plus 128GB just that bit further to allow me to travel with whatever TV shows and movies I care to take with me. I’ve managed to end up with a few of these devices mainly because they come up on lightning deals a fair bit, and they’re just really cheap. I figure I’ll order another just in case I lose one, or it stops working. The fact is though – none of them have stopped working, nor have I lost any, so I’ve now got a collection! Good to have backups, I guess.It’s worth noting that you need to supply your own storage card with this device – there is no built in memory. It requires a micro SD card. I use a couple of different brands of memory cards, mostly household names like Sandisk, but also a few no-name, slower cards. The only time the slowness of the card has been an issues is when I use my PC to copy a movie from my hard drive to the memory card. It doesn’t affect playing a movie via the device.As I said above, I just use this device to extend my phone storage for videos when I’m travelling (which I do every couple of months). I transfer whatever I think I might want to watch from my PC or external hard drive to a micro SD card, insert the micro SD card in the device, plug the device into my iPhone using the lightning connection, press ‘Allow’ when the popup comes up to access the app, choose the video I want to watch, settle back and relax. Easy! You may be wondering why I bother with this device when I have 128GB worth of storage already in my phone – basically – it’s full (music, books, photos, my absolute favorite forever-watchable videos, apps, offline maps for travel etc). Also, using this device is so much faster and easier than removing/replacing items in the internal phone storage via iTunes where I have to be more careful of format and size etc. It’s also way easier, and much more cost effective, than using the cloud to stream movies – which, of course, requires access to the internet which in some places is just not possible (e.g. some flights, hotels with slow/metered wifi, overnight bus trips).In terms of functionality, I’ve yet to come across an unplayable file. Most of my movies and TV shows come from DVDs I’ve bought, ripped to my PC then converted to MP4 using Handbrake. The app is fine, reasonably intuitive, has never crashed. I’ve mainly been using a Sandisk 128GB micro SD card, and the device reads it without any problems. Not sure what would happen with a 256GB or above micro SD card though. The description says ‘up to 128GB’ so I’m assuming an error would pop up with 256GB. The physical size of the device is awesome – very pocket friendly at less than 2 inches wide – and it comes with these adorable little protective covers for the ports, which I will no doubt lose at some point, but appreciated nonetheless! The lightning port is about the same length as the usual lightning charger connection and while the device itself is not that thick if you have a thicker-style cover or case and you’ve had issues in the past in getting connections to fit, this device may be no exception. Don’t forget Amazon has a great return policy!In the interest of a thorough review, I tested out the USB in my PC and borrowed a friend’s Android phone(I think it was a Sony) and Mac to test the other ports. No major issues to report, although the USB write speed was a little slower than a regular USB 3.0 hard drive but that may have been influenced by the micro SD card as well. Certainly nothing worth knocking a star off for. I also transferred some photos between my phone and the micro SD card just to test it out and didn’t have any problems.As a side note, removing the micro SD card from this device can be a little tricky. It has gotten easier with usage and time but at first it was a little difficult and I admit I was nervous about damaging either the device or my card. I haven’t knocked a star off for this, mainly because it’s now ok.
good product

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